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LifesPassage.com is a collection of biographies and

life stories about regular people told by regular people.


We gathered these biographies and stories from family and friends about real folks, not movie stars or the rich and famous. Good people like our parents and other  loved ones will be totally forgotten in just four short generations. That is, unless we document and tell their stories, then save them to an easy to view and share place. I believe my father was a great man to all that knew him, but how would you know this from a few short words on a old weathered tombstone. Similar to a personal Facebook page, a LifesPassage Biography Page is information, such as: an obituary, family history, photos and comments by friends and relatives.


Combining technology with Traditional Granite Memorials


LifesPassage Biography Pages combines Technological with Traditional Granite Memorials by adding a link from the granite memorial, which enables users of smart phones or tablets to connect to that persons LifesPassage Biography Page. It can be viewed on the phone or tablet as visitors wander through the cemetery or on your computer by typing the unique web address into your Internet browser. LifesPassage Biography page link (QR-TAG) can be applied to new or existing cemetery headstones, mausoleum shutters, cremation urns, garden benches or as an addition to a public memorial. The QR plaque has special adhesive on its reverse side so it can be attached to the memorial stone. With careful application and choice of location, this plaque will remain attached through all weather conditions, cemetery maintenance, and time. We suggest mounting it on the surrounding concrete so you don’t risk damaging the granite of the memorial stone. Yet it can still help visitors easily find this special enhancement to your love one's memorial.


LifesPassage.com Biography web pages

are about the common folk for all to see.


Now you and I have a place on the web that is all about showing how great our loved ones were. This is our place to brag about them, show off their talents and tell the world how awesome they were. You will have a unique web address direct to your loved ones page that you can easily share on all the popular social media sites.


Don't let your loved ones be forgotten!





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